Friday, March 25, 2011

Tell subway you'd like to see a vegan option! I used to eat at Subway an awful lot when I was a vegetarian but since their Vegimax has egg in it I gave that up. Encourage Subway to come up with a vegan option that is more than salad on a roll.


Unknown said...

Marty, this is an excellent campaign to encourage people's participation in. If Subway offered some healthy vegan options it could make a big difference for many people. Navigating the world as a vegan would become a whole lot easier.

Marty said...

Hi Amanda,
It would be nice to have something quick and last minute that we knew was vegan without having to play the 20 question game.
I did find it hard, when I still ate it, to find any continuity across the country in Subways Veggimax or Gardenburger. Individual franchisees have a choice in a few items. Many opted for an extra chicken dish and had the salad sandwich for us.
I hope it becomes a permanent menu item. Keep your fingers crossed.