Sunday, January 3, 2010

Front Range Airport Denver

On a trip back from Telluride we made a fuel stop at the Front Range Airport outside of Denver. There's a snack bar, (closed on the weekends of course which was when I was there), and on the menu was a Boca Burger of all things. Now you have to understand that people who frequent airport snack bars are usually not seeking out a healthy hamburger so this was a shock in itself but I think I'd list Colorado way up there in the beef kingdom so this was doubly shocking. I asked the counter people how come and they said one of the flight schools had a few Indian students who were vegetarians and it was added at their request. Funny thing though, when the students completed their flight training and moved on people kept requesting it.

Like I've said before, offer it to people and they will come.

At $6.31 I thought it was a bit steep but I'd have gladly bought it just to have a vegetarian option where I'd least expect it. We do have to support people who listen to us.

I hope I have a cause to stop at the Front Range airport again in my travels just to buy a vegetarian burger at an airport snack shop.