Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poor Poor Wichita

From it's beginnings as a home of the buffalo, staple of the Indian diet, this city has moved nary an inch toward a better culinary ... or should I say dietary experience.

Last night it was late and the choice was between Denny's and I hop. Ihop won but not by much and at least they have those make believe it's healthy because it's a tad healthier than anything else we cook Grain and Nuts pancakes. (or whatever they're called).

There is not a single (according to Happy Cow, my bible when on the road), vegetarian restaurant here.

I ended up at a Thai restaurant called strangely enough Bangkok on S. Rock Road, in a tiny strip mall. It was about 2 stores wide and had maybe 10 diners. I start to worry.

Not to worry, there's a whole page with a Vegetarian Menu on it, from appetizers, (yes I started to worry when on page 1 of the menu I see chicken and pork in the egg rolls and spring rolls...yikes!), but when you point to a vegetarian menu and the english/thai language is suspect, (as I suspect anytime I'm trying to make sure the rice or the entree isn't cooked with chicken stock whether it is a mainstream mexican, chinese, etc etc etc.), I find there is a sense of relief.

The Veg Egg Rolls looked standard and tasted standard and I was happy dipping them in the hot vinegar they were served with.

I had the Spicy Tofu and the Curried Fried Rice. Both were delicous. I'd love to see an all vegetarian restaurant here but I'd eat here again.

The food plus a Jasmine Tea, (in a bag), came out to $18. At this price I should shovel tons of this food on trucks and sell it in NYC for twice as much.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sublime Fort Lauderdale

I have eaten at Sublime several times and have never been disappointed. It's another of my few Meccas.

I took some stuff to go but ate an order of the sliders at the bar while I waited. I won't comment on the to go stuff because I think food should be judged when it hits the table and to go boxes never do anything justice.

The seitan/gardein sliders are the closest thing to hamburgers I have come across. they are tastey and have an incredible hamburger-ish consistency. Grilled flavor comes from how they're cooked ... on a grill. The vegan cheese and sauce on the small slider buns add to the overall combination of flavors that make this an incredible experience.

My only criticism is that at $12 for four and my penchant for eating them while sucking down a beer I could conceivably have to take out a second mortgage just to pay for a tailgate party. Seriously, they're pricey but great. I'd love to see 6 on a plate but when you get great food who doesn't want more?

Thanks Nanci.