Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brother Can You Spare A Dime? ... or ... shameless begging

Hi all loyal followers,

I need a few bucks.  Literally $5.  And I'll give it back to you.

I'm trying to establish credit for my new business, Marty's Vegan Fast Food, ( and am crowd funding a loan.

I want to stress that it's a 12 month loan and you can jump in for as little as five dollars.  That means after the loan is funded you get 12 monthly payments through paypal.  (Yes, it's interest free but we're friends, right?)

Of course, if you have oodles of cash laying around more is always appreciated but we have a limited time to get 15 people (12 more as of this writing), to move the loan from its "private" status to "public".

Please click on the link because if you use the link the funds are matched!

Plus there is a smiling picture of me and since that in and of itself is a rarity you should click just out of curiosity.

Thanks for helping out and in case you missed it, here's that link again:

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