Friday, November 7, 2008

High Noon Cafe, Jackson, Miss

What a little find! I was driving by when I realized the Rainbow COOP was the home to the High Noon Cafe. I was thinking about skipping lunch but I'm glad I didn't. "What the hell?" is a frequent saying of mine before I eat a meal when I'm not hungry and thinking I'd only order the house burger and eat half I ended up chowing down on the whole thing. I did leave some of the potato salad though it was good enough to finish.

The Beet Tofu burger was excellent. Nice seasonings, good flavor and excellent texture. It was just a good mouthfeel of burger, bun, rice cheese, mushrooms and onions with sun dried tomato aioli.

The surprise in the potato salad was the fresh celery, what a nice mouth crunch and flavor although I did play around with a tad more salt and, (how nice), cayenne pepper which is a stable on every table.

My hunger level aside, I think the menu is a bit limited. Salads we can get anywhere and a few variations on a burger are still, well, variations on a burger. I'd like to see more on a menu that a carnivore can recognize, like other sandwiches, etc and a variety of bowls with variations using tempeh, tofu and other analogs. It is what it is and what it is is good.

I'd say eat here even if there were other vegan restaurants in the area, but there aren't ... so eat here.

In addition to a lovely waitress who's name I am sorry I don't recall, I did spend a few enjoyable minutes talking with Brad who offered me the recipe. Good vibes.