Monday, March 7, 2011

Another fellow vegan traveler offers Tasty Bite Giveaway

This is a purely public service announcement.

Vegan backbacker is another interesting blog about fellow travelers eating their vegan way through the world and they're offering 2 prizes of a whole bunch of Tasty Bite Indian/Asian premade foods.

I like the product but I think it's only drawback, (not having looked at *every* single nutritional label), is that it is a little high in fat.  That being said, the ones I have tasted in the past, and I try to stay away from prepackaged foods, were pretty good.  I'm actually thinking of throwing a few in my eBags cooler to see
how they hold up and work on the road.  I'm just a little concerned about making the airplane smell like an Indian restaurant.  Some people prefer a more neutral smell when they board.

Anyway, here's the link again to the contest.

Tasty Bite Giveaway

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