Friday, March 4, 2011

Gobble Green Vegan Spaghetti and Meatballs

Someone posted a review of Gobble Green food on meetup/nyceatup and that sort of reminded me I should get through this stuff so I dug one of the frozen packages out of the freezer for my trip.

I didn't go out to dinner tonight but popped that in the microwave in the hotel room.  I have to say it wasn't bad.  It's been in my freezer for a few months, traveled in a cooler bag to just outside of Boston, (Lesh and Weir are in the Orpheum tonight!  So close and yet so far,) and for all that it was decent food.  Now we're not talking about 3 star restaurant pasta but it was good enough.  The meatballs had a falafel consistency and tasted like the brand they sell in healthfood stores in the plastic bag, (which are fine by me in a pinch.)

Right out of the microwave, not prepped for a pic, oh, and I ate one of the meatballs.
The sauce was watery but that's almost to be expected when defrosting something so frozen.  It did have to go back past the recommended 2 minutes.  Twice.

But the sauce had some nice seasoning.

Like I said, not the best but this is premade, shipped, frozen food we're talking about.  And this was also gluten free.

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