Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meatless Monday: Part of the Solution

Very true but don't let the message of Meatless Mondays convey that it's an end in itself, just a stepping stone. People who eat 3 meals a day of animal fare 7 days a week will benefit from any reduction but it's not really a good idea for them to think the other 18 meals a week need no adjustment­. My $.02.


Marty's Vegan Flying Review

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Anonymous said...

Marty - what a great concept for a blog! I just started doing meatless mondays too! I am a clean eater so I do still eat meat but no hormones and as free range as possible. my blog address is http://cleanupeatup.blogspot.com/
-Thanks so much for your blog I am following you now so I can get some ideas for some vegan dishes!

Marty said...

Thanks Andrea,

Thanks for checking out the blog. Of course the first thing I'm going to recommend is to stop eating the animals!

Going meatless one day a week is a great first step to eating healthier.

Let me know how the recipes turn out or if you need some inspiration. There are a few million vegan recipes out there!!

Good luck.


Marty said...

Thanks Vincent, I sure will. And thanks for the compliments!