Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving Hut Orlando

On the way to the airport we stopped at Loving Hut so I could pick up a take out meal for dinner.

I never know what to get, partially because I want it all, partially because I just want stuff that will travel well and partially because I have a hard time envisioning what the picture will taste like.  I love menus with pictures actually.  I know, not a very food snob kind of thing to say.  Often the pictures aren't close to what you get but take a look at the Orlando Loving Hut pdf menu and you decide.  I think it was pretty close. 

Your typical "to go" container doesn't hold up very well in a cramped corporate jet cockpit and spilling vegan sauce all over the radio stack isn't something I want to explain to the boss in the morning.

I know better than to order fried food but I did so much want to try the Sea Wonder, a dish with tempura batter fried mushrooms, seaweed and soy protein.  And if it wasn't so darn high in calories I'd live on fried food.

I also got the Club Sandwich and the Summer Rolls.

No, I don't know when to stop and my eyes have always been, and most likely will always be, bigger than my stomach.

1/4 of the Club Sandwich, Sea Wonder and Summer Rolls.
The spring rolls were by far the best thing but the jury would be out had I eaten the food when served instead of an hour later.  The soft rice paper wraps were strong enough to hold the roll together and the vegetables were fresh and crisp and combined well. They were the least damaged by time and packaging.  

Cucumber, tofu, carrot, jicama, wrapped in lettuce, wrapped in the rice paper.  Excellent way to get your raw veggies.  

The Sea Wonder had a wonderfully thick, (like I used to love love my onion rings until I realized there was egg and milk in the batter!), batter.  Inside was a stringy thing that resisted being bitten all the way through.  I have to have these again when they're hot and crispy because they have such potential.  Don't get these to go!

Seaweed added a nice flavor but it was greasy and stringy.  Probably not served that way in-house!
Now for the club sandwich.  It first of all has 4 slices of bread which I think is definitely 1 slice too much.  It's like eating 2 sandwiches stacked up on top of each other.  It too, sadly, was a little bit soggy but the flavors of the contents reminded me of a hearty club sandwich of old.  Vegan mayo, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and tofurky ham, (could have used a bit more of this ingredient!), all came together very nicely to give it that deli/diner memory bite.  I might have added tempeh bacon if I was making this at home but aside from the soggy bread due to the travel I'd get this again and toss one slice of bread.

This has the potential for a go to meal on the run.
I previously had a Loving Hut burrito, (in NYC), which I couldn't eat fast enough and that would have probably been a better choice but I'd order this meal again if I had time to sit and enjoy it the way it was meant to be served.

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