Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Golden Eggplant with Pea Sauce

After the eggplant was all breaded and baked for the parmigiana there were a few slices left over.  Here I go again, big production, making more pots and stuff ready for a session in the sink later but here it is.  From Bal Arenson's Spice Goddess golden-eggplant-with-green-pea-sauce-recipe.  There, now you have 2 links so no excuse not to make it.

Except I squeezed a little bit of agave into my batter.  Mmmmm.

The pea sauce adds such an intense green color, (and flavor too!)

Soy curls with spinach, (could have used 2 packages), cumin, soy, onions, garlic, salt.

I am becoming such a big fan of soy curls.  They're ready in 10 minutes.  Sear them up to put a crust on them and use them in any recipe.  They're hardly processed and in their dried state don't take up much space.  

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