Monday, March 7, 2011

Food on the Go, Evol burritos gaining in popularity

It's sort of interesting to wander the health food stores in different parts of the country.  Some have products from small local factories that you'll never ever see in your grocery (but should), and others seem to have a product that you see cropping up in a few places and then it seems to be EVERYWHERE.

Evol seems to be such a product.  I have always been a fan of Amy's Burritos and have yet to have a bad one, (be careful, they're not all vegan), but Evol is edging their way into my faster food repertoire.  Evol is pretty easy to discern the non vegan items as they're plainly labeled as Steak or Chicken.  Vegan is appreciatively, (listen up here AMY), right on the front of the box if it is such.

Veggie Curry

70% Organic • Vegan • 11g Protein • 2g Fiber • Net Wt. 7oz

Pan-seared tofu, red & green bell peppers, snap peas, carrots, broccoli, steamed brown rice and an authenticyellow coconut curry–All hand rolled together in an insanely tasty curry wrap. 
Right there on the front, no culling through ingredient lists or allergen information "VEGAN".  Thanks.
The burrito itself has a nice mild curried flavored wrap but I added some Tofurky and Daiya and suped it up.  It has a nice hearty mouthfeel like any good burrito and good flavor.  I have a line with regards to frozen microwaveable food.  It's a medium expectation.  I don't expect anything I heat in a microwave to be the best think I ever ate but this burrito is as good a meal you'll eat on the road as any.  My other philosophy is that if you carry some hot sauce it goes well with everything.  

2 extra minutes were needed to heat it through and the instructions call for turning it over every 30 seconds.  Now that is a big investment in time and effort.  

One of the nice things I found with the Evol burrito is it held together nicely.  Sometimes the Amy's burritos fall apart while eating them but this was a one handed convenience food.

See what happens when the plane is empty?  What's that?  The mice playing while the cat's away?

I must have been shaking thinking about all the weather we were going to be flying through.  Yeah, that must be why the picture is blurry.


JL goes Vegan said...

I need to look for these! Thanks for the review!

Marty said...

My friend says they're in Stop and Shop as well as Whole Foods but each store doesn't carry all the different makes and models.