Friday, January 7, 2011

Nassau Bahamas ... help!

I'm in Nassau, Bahamas and Happy Cow isn't helping much.  Does anyone know any vegan friendly restaurants on this island?

Off to tweet, wish me luck.


Marty said...

Hi Marty,

Since I am getting my mail I am actually getting your feeds via email Wow I welcome myself to the world of current technology. Anyway I went online and Atlantis resort is said to have some vegetarian options (not vegan) also Gaylords an Indian restaurant is supposed to be veggie friendly.


Marty said...

OK, Atlantis it was. Carmines. Just like the one in NYC though. Family style italian. It's sort of silly to go there with a meat eater because there's nothing you can share. I said that to no avail so I have a ton of stuff in the fridge and a very light wallet.

Post to follow tomorrow.