Monday, January 3, 2011

Anguilla, night one

We got in after dark and took a taxi to the hotel. All I saw were dark roads and the occasional restaurant sign flash by. No sign said vegan. Not even vegetarian but to be honest I stopped looking after a while.

Dinner at the hotel was appreciated but uninspired. Guess there aren't many "strict vegetarians" here. My veggies were steamed, not sauteed, and the rice was ok. I rarely put salt and pepper on my meal but did tonight and also asked for some hot sauce. I scarfed it down and was ready for my entree. When the waiter asked, "Would you like anything else?" and I said, "What else do you have for me to eat?" his answer was surprising.


OK, I know when I'm defeated. In all fairness we were the last diners and there was nothing on the menu for me except a veggie burger, (and without an ingredient list that was off the table), so the cook was probably waiting to just breakdown the kitchen and get home. I appreciate her waiting.

I had some Yves deli slices and some Ezekiel bread that I had brought with me and opened up some Daiya cheese, tossed the bread in the toaster, the slices and Daiya in the microwave and had a great sandwich. (I now carry around my own bottle of hot sauce).

I also had some sealed and still frozen packages of Gobble Green with me. I had left the Pumpkin Pie on the counter to let it defrost. I didn't know what to expect but I cut it open and I have to say, although it had more moisture than moist and approached ... uhm, damp-ish, it was just what I needed. This is something I could seriously consider ordering just to take with me on the road. The pumpkin is well seasoned with nutmeg and is delicious. The crust is what some might say a bit soggy but I think if you take the whole bite, take into consideration that the thing just flew 1600 miles give or take, is merely being defrosted and eaten, it was a hit.

And this is what 178 calories buys you.

If I eat it like this I don't wait 3 days to post a blog entry!

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