Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anguilla Day two

I got up late and had about 2 minutes to make it to breakfast.  I called and asked about a fruit plate and some oatmeal and got a refreshing, "No problem."

There was no oatmeal and I thought about cereal for a second and just gave up on the thought of the possibility of soy milk.  I just stuck with the fruit plate and my coffee.  I had mixed up some Starbucks Mocha powder with some Silk Soy creamer and brought that with me.

Aside from the honeydew being under-ripe and sort of tasteless it was a nicely laid out plate and everything else on it was fresh and sweet.
Not much to complain about sitting down to a meal in an open air dining room in the tropics.

The gazebo is a bar overlooking the pool area beyond.  I hope to do some serious discussing of the safety of flight for a few hours there later tonight.
 Since the breakfast wasn't all that filling, (a feeling I'd probably be better off getting used to than circumventing ... tomorrow), I took out the Gobble Green breakfast bar and gave that a go.

Work work work, filling out last months FAA flight and duty time log and my own personal flight logbook.
Perhaps an hour in the sun later and an hour in the fitness room will prime me to start the search for a vegan dinner in this seafood and goat meat mecca.
 The bar is interesting to say the least.  I found the rice flour to be a bit grainy but think I'm getting past that.  If you're gluten intolerant you just have no choice but I'm sort of thinking it's not a terrible thing to get away from wheat flour for a meal.  I also found the bar to be very sweet, which after a few bites seems to dissipate ... or numb the palate a bit.

I enjoyed the overall flavor, very tropical with raisins and coconut and cranberries.  I didn't see peanuts listed in the ingredient list on the Gobble Green website but I could swear there were some.  It's not an issue to me but perhaps to others.  It was nice to have this in my bag, no cooking required.  It is a crumbly food and isn't something I'd want to eat without a plate, which, obviously I had.  I will also probably order a few of these to have on hand for the times I can't get a rounded breakfast.  At 349 calories and 8 grams of fiber it's not a bad choice at all.
Yellow and black raisins, nice.  An after breakfast breakfast in my room.

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