Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

73 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach Florida (33162) 
Vegan, Caribbean, Juice bar, Take-out, Delivery
Price Range: Inexpensive
Miami vegan restaurant. Has daily specials, vegan pancake breakfast. Small and casual. Accepts credit cards. Open Mon-Thur 7:30-9, Fri 7:30-3, Sun 7:30-5, Sat closed.

Website link just says "Coming Soon" as of this writing.

Well, if the name isn't the most generic sounding name of any restaurant I don't know what is.

After a GPS navigational error I found the unobtrusive place at the corner of a strip mall.  It's not a a *corner* just the corner of this group of stores.  There are more things to the left.

Looks easy but traffic is oncoming just at your right.  There were some obstructions, (trees), that blocked the unassuming non eye catching signage.
The place had both a too small cramped feeling about it to the left, where the counter was with a (really?) massage chair stuffed into the corner,  (Not for waiting, only for massage customers), and an open airy stay as long as you want zen mediation health food items on shelves for sale kitchen chairs on tables sort of feel to it.

Yeah, this is to the right.

This is to the left but you can't see the massage chair way to the left.  Just a bit in front of the plants is the line of demarcation between functional and zen.

I sort of had a need for a true Jamaican Veggie Pattie.  They homemake 4:  Soya, chicken, spinach and I can't remember.  (Served only to us pre alzheimers folks).

There was no chicken, (of course), so I had a soy.  It was soooooo good.  Little bits of soy protein that gave the patty a nice chewy mouthfeel and the corn just popped with sweet explosions and mixed with all the other veggie flavor.  The crust was a tad on the crumbly/dry side but it was whole wheat and there was more than enough moist filling to go around.

I scarfed that one down in the store.

The dark brown on the outside is a paper bag.

I had to be in Miami to take care of some stuff and did manage to wait to eat the ... of course you know what it is, the Philly Cheeze Steak sandwich.

Man, I think this was one of the best I ate ever.  The whole wheat bread had that perfect crust and chewy middle with a great combination of sweet and yeasty.

The seitan was definitely home made and was combined with the cheese to form this mushy yet textured meaty filling.  And, and, and, there was enough of it to nicely fill the bread.  (You really can't tell from the angle and the way the top half of the sandwich is splayed open.  It had a nice, yes, I'm going to say it, Philly Cheese Steak sandwich taste.  There were onions and peppers and I'd swing by this place every day for lunch if I could.  Honestly, I thought the salad was silly.  It was a good salad but I thought the dressing was a bit on the thin side and although had a nice fruity essence didn't really stick to the lettuce.  Besides, and I do appreciate some nicely prepped greens and veggies, this is pure, unadulterated comfort food and if you eat it you shouldn't need a few bites of salad to make it ok.  Just shove it in your face and enjoy.

I also wish I could share some of the other items on the menu with you but unfortunately their menu is written on the wall on a dry erase board so you'll have to go there and get what you get.  I will definitely get off I95 to hit this place again.  It's one block away on the 167th Street exit.

I think this is a stop for when we go to Opa Locka airport.  Not too far away and worth the quick dash in the crew car.

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