Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dempsey's Cafe

Leaving Darbster's I frantically am looking for some dinner. I have to be back in 45 minutes and will probably be working from 5:30 until around 11 and definitely don't want to eat peanuts for dinner.

I think there's a Whole Foods around Palm Beach somewhere, (it was a Publix), but couldn't find it anywhere on 2 gps units. I drive by a sandwich shop with the word "wraps" and "smoothies." I can live with that.

I park my car in the alley. Meters. I have no change. What's this? You can pay your meter by phone? Get outta here! This was worth being turned away at Darbster's alone.

I find a typical deli counter.

It's a really cheery kinda place, upbeat and bright.

On the menu board are all kinds of wraps and smoothies.

I wish I asked the name of the person behind the counter because he was extremely helpful.  I told him I was a vegan and he made all kinds of suggestions.  I ended up with a whole wheat tortilla, lettuce and tomato, hummus and avocado, peppers and carrots and cucumbers.  It was as hearty a sandwich as any salad sandwich could be.

That is fresh fruit in the tin foil.  Puzzling why it's not in a container of some sort...that would have made it a little easier to eat.  Now, that green stuff.  It was a suggestion from my deli-man as I randomly threw out different combinations of fruit.  Apple juice.  Kale.  Spinach.  Pineapple chunks.  Soy Protein Powder.  That's it.  The Green Monster.  (I suggested changing the name to something more delicious sounding).  He said he came up with it last week.  It was the creamiest smoothie I ever had with no dairy (of course), or soy or nut milk of any kind.

You should make the trip just to get this drink.

I have this feeling that sandwiches of this ilk taste too "healthy" and I was sure in the mood for some home cooked, comfort, burgery kind of food but I'd dash down here on a quick stop in PBI in a New York Minute.

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Tami said...

Marty, thanks so much for your comment on my blog about Hal and Al's. It lead me to your blog. What a cool concept! I'm going to enjoy keeping up with it.