Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vegetarian juice bar, Miramar, FL

I found this pic from a lunch I had a few weeks ago and it is too colorful to not post.  Vegetarian Juice Bar is a no frills place in Miramar, Florida that I have posted about before, (and have another post in the hopper), and look forward to eating at when I'm around Miami.

Talk about eating a full color meal!
I stopped by for a quick lunch.  Apparently the quantity of the food is the same no matter how many items you want but the more entree items you add the more the dish costs.  The Veggie Delight I ordered last time I was here had 4 entree items over the rice but this lunch I ordered with only one item and rice. And salad. And a plantain.

The Vidalia salad dressing in a bottle right off the supermarket shelf was  handed to me while I stood at the counter.  Pour it on and sit down.  It's indicative of how laid back and slick-less the attitude is here. Like you'd get at your friend's mom's table.

The fish was fried but not crispy with a ligt sauce. Onions and peppers. Rice has a nice flavor with lentils, (or was it pidgeon peas?).

Note: Just to eliminate any confusion, as pointed out by jenny in her comment, the fish is mock fish as are all the proteins in this wonderful 100% vegan restaurant.


jenny said...

wait, so are you vegan or are you eating fish? I'm confused!

Marty said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm going to put that in the post. Thanks for pointing out that confusing sentence. I am 100% vegan jenny. The fish was mock fish. The restaurant is 100% vegan.