Sunday, April 3, 2011

Screening of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

I'm fascinated by transformations.  I love to watch the Biggest Loser every week.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a story about the beginning of a process that Joe Cross underwent finding himself 100 pounds overweight, suffering, and medicated.  We follow his transformation using juicing to kick start his system, drop the weight, stay healthy and as he speeds along on his journey, we meet some other people who reach out for his help and are sucked right into the vortex of juicing, weight loss, and better health.

"Where did I leave those car keys?"  No, no, just kidding, his memory seems to be just fine.

A smiling Joe Cross poses for a shot after the movie.

I'm not a big proponent of raw or juicing only because with my lifestyle, (read job),  of being on the road 100-150 nights a year, hauling a juicer around would make the effort of hauling my enormous lunch bag around pale by comparison.

Juicing is certainly something to consider if you want to ramp up your nutrients while dropping pounds.

It was interesting to meet Joe in person and hear him answer a few questions, (I think there were a hundred more), but what was also interesting is that Joe brought some of the people we met in the movie to NYC to appear at the screening.  There, in real life, were 2 brothers who, (although in the movie wore way too many Yankee hats), lost a massive amount of weight.  One joined Joe after hitting rock bottom, the other slowly climbed out of the quagmire of ill health created by the Standard American Diet after having a heart attack.  I certainly call that a kick in the butt.  Why is there such a disconnect in the minds of unhealthy people that they have to DO something to change the ultimate outcome of eating nutritionally void junk?

This truly was an inspirational film and I applaud anyone who takes more control over their lives and encourages the rest of us to follow through.

There was a table leading up to the theater where books about healthier eating in NYC, DVDs and books about the film, juices through Organic Avenue, and the juicing program through Joe's company, RebootYourLife, were being sold.  It wasn't a strong arm sales pitch but I sort of didn't like being part of a captive audience and before the movie hearing a pitch about $10 per jar juices.  That was my only criticism of the event, not the movie, as there seemed to be no rushing us out of the lobby after the showing and there was plenty of time to talk to the people behind the table.  But, we all have to make a buck.  The 1 oz free shot of Green Love given out by organic avenue was cold and refreshing.  It contained cucumber, parsley, celery, fuji apples, spinach, lemon, swiss chard, collard greens and romaine lettuce.  Their process is to cold press the fruits and veggies to eliminate the heat build up used by extraction juicers.  The heat build up starts the oxidation process, the CEO explained, (sorry I forgot your name), which is why you have to drink juices made this way right away.

I think this is an inspirational film regardless of your dietary choices, (I even grabbed a Jamba Juice on the way home), be it juicing, raw, or vegan or combination of the diets.  It's about a successful struggle, a journey, and choices that are nothing short of lifesaving.  I highly recommend seeing the film but Go Mets.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead purchase from Amazon for $17.99 and another Amazon ad for $19.99.

Go figure.  Even at $2 more, it's worth the viewing.

Another thrill of the evening was meeting the two ladies from Our Hen House.  Like meeting celebrities.  Rock on.

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William Paice said...

Having been a busy executive (and juicing fan) flying all over the States and Europe for many years, I can sympathize with your post. Thank goodness that more juice bars are opening up around the world (and in airports) so that one doesn't need to carry one's juicer around!