Monday, April 18, 2011

This Is the Game Changer!

If you know something is dangerous you have 2 choices; either take all sorts of precaution­s to try and mitigate that danger, (and of course don't whine if you still get hurt), or just find something else to do.

There is mercury in fish, ecoli in your meat and now staph in your chicken. Eating animals might be a pleasure for your palate but becoming vegan might now be the safest option you have for your health. There is no disputing the fact that we can live a healthy energetic life eating a delicious 100% plant based diet but there is plenty of evidence to weigh in against eating animals merely because they taste good.

The animals in our food supply are becoming laden with poison. Instead of trying to use better cooking "procedure­s" or fight a (losing) battle against the food supplier's profit motive to reduce the contaminan­ts in food, vote with your dollars and start learning how to cook vegetables with alternate proteins such as seitan, tempeh and tofu from one of the hundreds of vegan cooking sites. Vote with your dollars for your health, the environmen­t, and the animals and stop worrying about how contaminat­ed your meat is.


Marty's Flying Vegan Review


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