Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is Half a Vegan Better Than None?

You know Val, even if you ONLY look at your vegan questions from a nutritiona­l aspect you have to ask yourself what is good for you and what is, well, in essence, poison. My last holdout was fish. I figured hey, they eat their freakin' babies for chrissakes­. When I read a government study finding mercury in 100% of the fish taken from streams it struck me that with the other warning I kept in the back of my mind, (we're only "supposed" to eat swordfish twice a year due to it's high mercury levels), what we're trying to control is our poison ingestion!

The clarity came with this: THEY are telling us it's unequivoca­lly poison and they're telling me it's ok to have it but to limit my intake of it. Do you believe THEM?

How can ingesting any poison at all, knowingly, be a sane thing to do?

Val, with these questions about individual kinds of animal foods you're dancing around in a minefield. Dr. Esselstyn told me once that people don't like to hear bad things about their bad habits. Eating animals is bad for you so instead of merely trying to justify which is the least harmful, stop eating animals.


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