Monday, April 18, 2011

My Huffington Post comment regarding staph in food

If you know something is dangerous you have 2 choices; either take all sorts of precautions to try and mitigate that danger, (and of course don't whine if you still get hurt), or just find something else to do. 

There is mercury in fish, ecoli in your meat and now staph in your chicken. Eating animals might be a pleasure for your palate but becoming vegan might now be the safest option you have for your health. There is no disputing the fact that we can live a healthy energetic life eating a delicious 100% plant based diet but there is plenty of evidence to weigh in against eating animals merely because they taste good. 

The animals in our food supply are becoming laden with poison. Instead of trying to use better cooking "procedures" or fight a (losing) battle against the food supplier's profit motive to reduce the contaminants in food, vote with your dollars and start learning how to cook vegetables with alternate proteins such as seitan, tempeh and tofu from one of the hundreds of vegan cooking sites. Vote with your dollars for your health, the environment, and the animals and stop worrying about how contaminated your meat is.

Marty's Flying Vegan Review

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Sharine Borslien said...

Marty, I read your comment at HP and took the ride to your blog. Thank you for your insight and courage in posting about food. It's a big issue!

I look forward to reading through your blog posts!

Marty said...

Hi Sharine,

Thanks for stopping by. Food is a gargantuan issue and most people that I talk to think this is a land of plenty, (it surely is), and the food is fantastic, (which it used to be but isn't any more).
I'm not going to get much into the nutrition aspects but hope to offer folks a review of viable alternatives both in house and dining out.


Raw Food said...

How do you know your food is processed food? Can produce and vegetables be processed foods?

Marty said...

Hi Raw Food,

I don't think the issue is necessarily the processing of foods because surely tofu, tempeh and seitan, (along with all other meat analogues), are processed but that the incidence of contamination in animal products is so high.

My comment was aimed at people who are trying to continue eating them utilizing certain cooking processes to mitigate that danger rather then going vegan and eliminating those risks intrinsic to animal ingredients altogether.

Anonymous said...

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Flight Lessons said...

I'm not surprised by this... I live in the Portland, OR area and most restaurants have a vegan menu now days.

Marty said...

Hi Flight Lessons,

I've heard much about the vegan options that abound in Portland. I only had the opportunity to eat there about a year ago. Unfortunately my new iPhone had a demo program on it and didn't save any of the pics. The meal was amazing and the carnivore that joined me vowed to return the food was so good.