Friday, April 29, 2011

Why I'm Thrilled youtube banned the MFA video

I am thrilled that youtube banned this video.  The video itself is a disturbing and revolting look at the treatment animals are subjected to on a dairy farm.  If any vegetarians continue to think that their milk and cheese consumption is cruelty free then seeing these gentle dairy cows in their last moments of life should dissuade them and leave no doubt about the merits of going vegan if animal welfare is your motivation.  There is no happy meat or guiltless dairy.

I'm am so glad this video won't disappear in the youtube swamp of other videos of animal cruelty.  When something is banned it becomes forbidden and I only hope that by doing this, youtube has created an even greater audience for it's viewing.

It will make you want to vomit or stop running in the human race but you can view it at the Mercy For Animals website by clicking here.

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