Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh Disney, A Vegan Cries

Dear Disney People,

I come to your mecca 2 times a year.  Although there are 2 vegan options at The Lucky Fortune Cookie, (Korean BBQ or Teriyaki Tofu), a vegan option at Cocina Cucamonga, and a vegan chili at a place near the Haunted Mansion, (who's name escapes me and a search for "vegetarian chili" on turned up no hits), I dream about a bread bowl full of VEGAN Cajun Gumbo.

My forays into Disney are a cross between a well planned military timetable and utter confusion, which might be two ways of saying the same things.  My daughter and I waited online at the Royal Street Veranda for about half an hour and when we finally got to the window, guess what?  They were out!  But they'd have more in 20 minutes.

Honestly, I never heard of Disney running out of anything.  Ever.

So to the good people at Disney, I ask why you ran out.  If you were in the process of restocking the counter and a drum of Gumbo fell over, well, sad, but accidents happen.  If you're selling more vegan gumbo than you planned for I'd say it's time to throw a few more vegan options on the menu boards.

While I'm suggesting things, would you please put a little tiny "v" on menu items that are vegan?  I asked a popcorn vendor if there was anything in the popcorn besides popcorn and oil and she said, "Well, butter."  Do we really have to find information about our meals from blogs and email lists?

Do you really have butter in your popcorn?

I ate a pretzel, which surprisingly was the stalest I've ever eaten but when I asked the vendor what was in it he said he'd ask.  It just so happened that another cast member was restocking and kindly just hoisted the box up so I could see the ingredients.  I didn't see anything that looked un-vegan but I'm not a scientist.  So I ate the pretzel.

Please realize that vegetarians can eat anything vegan and enjoy it while vegans can't.  When you run out of one of our limited options, it's not a tragedy but it sure is disappointing.  Oh, and call Daiya and put some vegan cheese on burritos, pizza and other things we can eat.  Daiya is changing the world.  Or call the Teese folks at Chicago Soy Dairy!
I love this display in Tomorrowland.  I'm down 30+ pounds and have another 30 to go.  I somehow find this inspiring.

My daughter, niece, wife and I had a great time as usual.  Please give us vegans a few more options.


Smallu said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I went to Disneyland & California Adventure this past Fall and had a (mostly) FANTASTIC vegan experience! If you plan on returning to DL any time soon, please shoot me an email and I'll be happy to email you my vegan guide to DL! You can read about my vegan adventures in DL here:

Best of health to you!

Marty said...

Thanks Smallu, I definitely will check out the blog. I think there are decent vegan options but I was thinking, all day, about that gumbo so it was a huge letdown. I just didn't have 20 more minutes to wait as other things were on the schedule.