Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gobble Green Breakfast Bean Hash

Wow. This is perhaps the best Gobble Green dish to date. I am not sure it has anything a all to do with breakfast unless you're into a bit if savory early in the day.

This dish is balanced in texture and taste.

It has beans, corn and sweet potatoes in a sauce with a perfect touch of heat. The corn and onions give it a nice balance of sweet.

I microwaved it for 3 minutes, stirred, and returned it for another 2 minutes and it was heated uniformly. The beans had a nice texture and went mushy at all as can sometimes happen with nuked beans.

This dish can easily sub for lunch or dinner. Throw some Daiya on and grab a chunk of vegan cornbread.

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kevin said...

I was not too sure if I should order after seeing some negative reviews but I did it anyway and everything has been going well so far. Delivery came fast, food was great. A++