Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sista's Vegan, Fast Food reaches new heights, Chicago, Il

It's only been open for a couple of months and the menu is simple and small but the food is amazing.  I made a quick pit stop here and grabbed a few things to go and was very impressed.

The restaurant itself is a storefront.  Rather poorly marked with a sign taped in the window.  I was glad I saw this place during the day because I don't know if I'd have noticed it with the well marked soul food place right next door.

There's also a pretty harsh sign on the door, "EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY HOURS ARE AS FOLLOWS: ... " Funny kind of pronouncement but what the important thing is that the place doesn't open until 4PM.  So no lunch?

Spartan doesn't begin to describe the decor.  It's bare bones functional with a few tables in front.  Down the hall is the kitchen.  I thought there might have been a dining room but the only room is going to become a store.  There's a hugh health food marked a few blocks down 95th so I'm not sure what they're going to be selling.

Dinner specials are $8.95.  That's the most expensive thing on the menu.  You have to love that.

I didn't see any online menus so here are a few shots of the menu on the front counter.

Since I had to be mobile while eating I couldn't order the dinners.

Few choices but they hit the 4 corners of the world.

Chowing down with a car seat as my table.  There were 4 pieces when I opened the container but by the time I got out the camera ...

This was one of the best quesadillas I've ever had.  The cheese and spinach were seasoned just right and tasted fantastic and the tortilla had a nice crunch.

The guac was fine and the chipotle dipping sauce had a rich delicious flavor.

Yes the carrots and celery were measly but the seitan, even with all this condensation in the box, were fantastic.  Just the right amount of breading and the consistency was just where it's supposed to be for a bite of seitan.  The two dipping sauces, bbq (KC sweet) and vegan ranch (OK), went well for these pseudo wings.

The young man in the store told me they made the burgers in-house but it looked so perfect.  I need to talk to the chef because this might have been one of the best renditions of a burger I have eaten.  As a matter of fact it scared me that for the first few chews I thought this was really a Big Mac.
Sista's is what I think of when I think of the next wave of a fast food restaurant.  It needs just a tad of warmth in the table area and lighting and for goodness sake please put up a sign so people can find you!!
I'd love to go back here with a "sharer" and order tons of stuff.  I think this is a wave of the future.

Also, lets tap the lunch crowd.  I do hope this place makes it!

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