Thursday, November 25, 2010

Veggie Burger at Snake River Brewery, Jackson, WY

We got into Jackson at a rather late hour and the only place that had a kitchen open was the BrewPub.

The specials menu had a Lentil Soup and my spirits soars.  It said vegetarian but ever hopeful I asked the waitress to ask, she did, it wasn't, but the veggie burger was.

So sadly, without even a picture to help you commiserate with me, my first night in big game country was a boring Gardenburger-ish veggie burger on a so so bun, (made in-house no less), with some lettuce and some "been sitting on the prep table and starting to try up a little bit" tomato.

The fries were decent but anything that can hold ketchup and Chollula sauce is ok by me.

Hopefully I can find a place that has mock Bison for dinner tonight.  The company is buying us a Thanksgiving dinner so we'll be going to more than a brewpub.

And to anyone and everyone following my travels and reading this blog, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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