Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bacon Chili Cheeseburger in Brooklyn at Foodswings Vegan Fast Food

I needed something junky and not chocked with health, wholesomeness and nutrients.  I had to take a vacation day to make sure I was able to go to the NYC Marathon Medical orientation.  If I didn't take a vacation day it would have been possible to get assigned a trip, even on a day off.  So off is off and what I wanted was a beer and a greasy dripping burger.  I also wanted to go on a mini adventure and since I was jonesing to set foot back in Brooklyn that venue was pretty high on my list.

That or the V-Spot vegan food truck on Water Street.  That was pretty high up on my list too.  But Brooklyn won and I figured I'd hit MooShoes on the way to the Hilton on 6th and 53rd.

The place reminded me of a punk bar I used to go to in college.  Stickers all over the place, support anarchy, you definitely don't need to bring any reading material into the head as it's plastered with every point of view sticker and every color of magic marker statement.

I went to the counter and basically said I wanted the worst thing on the menu burger-wise ... health-wise, not taste-wise!)

I was sort of itching for onion rings but then saw the Drumsticks section.  OMG.

I get the Vegan Heart Attack-soy burger w/Soy Bacon, soy cheese (toffutti, I asked and Daiya was an option), Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato, Red Onion and Vegan Mayo 7.25.  I of course added some Chili and ordered a Buffalo style, (the most popular), and Southern Fried Drumstick.

They don't serve beer but I bought this at the bodega 2 blocks away.  Nice that they had Organic beer.  Ah, gentrification.  But seriously, isn't this a find lunch for a vegan's day off?

Slathered in Buffalo Hot Sauce, not too hot, not too mild but a nice heat on the tongue.  The blue cheese dressing was ok but not the best imitation I ever had.  Cooled off the drumstick though!

That Southern Fried Drumstick ... I could have just eaten a dozen of them for lunch with the beer.  Probably should have also started with that one because after the Buffalo sauce coated my tongue it's flavor was masked a bit.  But look at that burger!

Battered and fried seitan on a stick.  Does it get any better than that?
I thought the burger tasted like something less than scratch made and the flavors were muted.  It satisfied my need for a burger lunch but next time I'm going with a side of their Mac and Cheese I sampled at Veggie Conquest with some spicy sliders. The chili I found was also on the muted side but once again, perhaps it didn't stand up well after the Buffalo sauce.  There is a ton of other stuff to sample before I'd make my way back to the burger though.

I really could subsist on those drumsticks though!  If I lived in the neighborhood this place would be pretty high up on my radar and a regular stop for a standard lunch or dinner.

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Hope said...

Hi Marty! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed things!

Lauren said...

I love those drumsticks! I'm totally fine with a bunch of those for dinner!

Ali - YumVeggieBurger said...

mmm foodswings is great! I'm not such a fan of their macaroni, to be honest... but that could be because I'm so used to my own recipe that I make at home. Their milkshakes, however, are to die for - you must try one if you ever go back!

Unknown said...

You can get the drumsticks from May-Wah Healthy Vegetarian Market also. They aren't as great without the deep-fry, but are still delicious in the oven!

Marty said...

There's also another place called Super Elephant that you can find here. http://www.vegeeats.com/aboutus.html

They're on 162 in Queens and have a lot of foods, similar to but not the same as May Wah.

You're right, nothing is as good as when it's deep fried.

Thanks Tiffany.