Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indian Seitan Not-Chicken Night  (This was the NON VEGETARIAN recipe I found and veganized.)

I saw this recipe on tv and it looked so creamy and delicious I just wanted to do something close.  First off my Garam Masala stash was looking pretty low so I dry roasted and ground up about 2 cups.  Enough to last me way too long as I should be using this much more often.  My seitan supply is also running a little low but I have a 4 day trip coming up to Wyoming so no sense in having things sit for 4 days.

I sauteed up the aromatics, garlic, ginger and onions and then threw in the spices.  I tossed in the tomatoes and rest of the ingredients and after a frantic search for the last can of coconut milk turned up nothing but dust in the back of the cabinet I tossed in some Almond milk from the fridge.  As this was simmering away I sliced up 2 of the seitan cutlets and tossed them in to simmer and soften.  They get a bit chewy in the fridge and after a few minutes in the gravy they are nice and soft, sort of like filet mignon used to be.

I set out a layer of rice and then ladled the seitan and gravy over it and garnished with cilantro.  Even my daughter who says, "I like Indian but it's not my favorite," chowed down on this.


singerinkitchen said...

Hey, I do not know if you know it, but you won the cookbook you entered. Come and check out my last post.

Marty said...

Thanks Noelle. I'm like a kid in a candy store once I figured out how to subscribe to RSS feeds. I now have, oh, a couple of hundred postings I need to get through.