Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vegan Italian in NYC at Isle of Capri

A birthday party isn't always conducive to maintaining decent options when the venue is a mainstream Italian restaurant but this will be a short and sweet review.

I did find a new and decent option at Isle of Capri last night during just such an occasion.   Here's a shot, (yes, once again I forgot to pull out the camera before chowing down), of one of the healthiest options I've come across in an Italian place.

Are my hands shaking or what.  New camera and it's still a bit blurry.  

So the escarole was nicely wilted and the garbanzo beans were, well, beany but with a little salt and pepper plus some red pepper flakes the dish ended up with some zip.

I just was happy to have a plate of greens and protein instead of a bowl of white pasta and some veggies in a red sauce.  Nice change.  Not the best dish I've ever had but like I say, everyone can't be the best.

Not my first choice restaurant but for a vegan a nice change.

One aside, I told the waiter vegan, I told him no animal products, (this last phrase is just getting to general and perhaps I should list everything in the world I don't want), but I didn't say no cheese.  When I got the dish I saw a few little white specs.  My heart skipped a few beats but I tasted it and it turned out to be garlic ... so my heart raced back ahead a few beats and I think that maintained my cardiac balance.

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