Friday, October 15, 2010


I strolled by V-Bites, the new restaurant by Blossom and here's a quick screen shot of some of the menu.  I was under the impression that Blossom was opening up some fast food places and thought this was one of them.  Perhaps that's why I got sticker shock.

I can't wait to try the restaurant, I'm looking forward to some amazing food.  But ... $20 for tofu does sound a bit steep.  I've read 2 review that rave so perhaps I'll have a choice to make next Father's Day ... Here or Candle 79.  Candle 79 review

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Marty said...

OK, so you know what? I went to Benihana for dinner tonite and paid $20 for the tofu, if it wasn't a request of one of the diners I would much rather have been eating Blossoms tofu dish!