Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bonefish Willys, Melbourne, FL

This is just a quickie.  I'm writing because here is a basic fish restaurant on the Indian River serving mainstream dishes.  I called before and felt it was a difficult conversation describing what a vegan meal was and having "vegetables" offered as an option for dinner.  Well, yeah.

Ok, but persistence paid off and we talked about a pasta with veggies in a garlic and oil.  Ok, oh well, that's the best I can hope for.

The beer was cold and perfect after just walking from the car, (right outside the front door), into the front door, I was soaked due to the 304% humidity.  Ok, well, I didn't walk INTO the front door, more like opened it and went THROUGH the front door.

I looked at all the fish on the menu and resolved to make it a vegan meal.  No matter how my old taste buds were calling.

I ordered a humungous salad, and it truly was.  Now folks, here is how easy it is to forget.  I think honey is one of those border foods and I ordered the honey mustard dressing.  I ate about half my salad when I realized it wasn't an oil emulsion but was mayonnaise.  And that I didn't want but Sandy was great and offered me a Honey Balsamic Vinagarette and when I asked about the ingredients she went and checked.  Ah, the education of a waitress.  Then she brought out this platter of pasta that was at least twice a normal order, chocked full of asparagus, onions, mushrooms, (which Sandy came out and asked me on behalf of the Chef if I liked), cherry tomatoes, and gaaaaaarlic.  It was fantastic although I added a bit of salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.  The flavors melded as the dish sat and for a plain old dish I was ready to be disappointed in it really hit the mark.

Even though what I was offered was really vegetablearian, I think the kitchen took the ball and ran with it, Sandy tried her hardest to handle my pain in the butt vegan issues and the result was a really nice dining experience.  I didn't take any pics because I didn't think I was going to write about the meal but thought better of it after considering the effort the staff went through.

I'd definitely go back.

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