Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 Miles to the Border

And what a nice contrast to our dinner experience from the night before.

We just picked the place driving by and it was a great meal.  The food was fresh and the flavors were intense.

The first good omen, my buddy ordered iced tea and they were OUT OF IT but BREWING MORE as we spoke!

The chips were hot, the sauce rich and multidimensional.  I said hot, as in just made.
The nice touch to the restaurant was a salsa bar but next to that there were about 20 different hot sauces.  I think I was in Mexican Restaurant Heaven.

The food took a while to make it out but I can't ever complain that my food is being made for me.  My waitress understood "make it all vegan, no cheese, no animal products please."  And it was so.

My veggie Chimichanga was crisp and smelled great.  Lots of chopped Romaine hiding a delicious guacamole.  The rice was basmati, unusual for Mexican but flavored with cilantro and spices.  The black beans had a nice rich base and although a tad toothier than I have had beans before I totally enjoyed.

Inside my piping hot and crispy Chimi were red onions, zucchini, red and green peppers.

Our waitress came over often and refilled our drinks asking if everything was ok.

Here is a place we both wondered about coming back to tomorrow.  Now that's a good meal.

Wish I wasn't on call because a cold cervesa would have been just perfect.

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