Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping, due diligence, suckered.

I take such care when I shop.  I read labels and ingredients. I think it takes me twice as long as anyone else I know.  I look for allergens where milk and eggs are plainly listed.   I look for a V.  Sometimes I read what I want to read though.  I never even saw the K D indicating Kosher and Dairy.  As a vegan it sucks to put so much time, effort and energy into food shopping and then make a quick pick in a store, two days later see the ingredients and get really really mad.  I wanted a comparison to Toffuti Brand Cream Cheese substitute and just grabbed what was right next to it.  Shame on me.  Vegans, we can never let our guard down.  Never assume because something LOOKS like its vegan, or is next to a vegan product, that it is.

Shame on you Soy Kaas for your "Lactose Free" moniker that is blatantly misleading.

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abe c. said...

Funny- the first thing I noticed on the label was the K-D.