Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Masao's Kitchen, Fulfilling Buffet in Waltham, MA

There were many areas that were prominent displays of water overflowing river banks and parking lots half under water.  Here is the Thames River in Connecticut.  Or maybe it was the Connecticut River.  I don't remember when I took the picture on the way to Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass., a reliever field outside of Boston.

It truly is amazing how many gems are scattered across this country.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I found a listing for Masao's Kitchen on Happy Cow on my iPhone and about a 20 minute drive from Bedford's Hanscom Field we drove up to this place.  It's half the size of the two surrounding restaurants, to the left a Guatamalan/Salvadorian restaurant and to the right a bargain pizzeria.  It truly is amazing how we eat in this country where we have so much of everything yet mis-allocate our food and turn it into junk to eat.

Food = Happy Pilot.
Masao's Kitchen is a small buffet style place but is packed with a lot of good things from hard(er) or shall we say less common ingredients like 4 different kinds of seaweed and Mochi packages to his and Evelyn's cookbook.   Oh, and lets not forget the food!  There were 2 salads and about 11 hot dishes.

Salads and condiments to the left.  To the right the display counter.

2 steam tables offer plenty of choices at $8.50 per pound.

OK, lets see if I can get it all.  From lower left clockwise, carrots and lotus root, sauteed Shitake mushrooms and Hijiki seaweed, steamed broccoli and kale, millet with cauliflower, 2 white pieces of steamed daikon radish, tempeh in sweet and sour sauce, bbq tofu chunks and in the middle seitan pieces in a savory sauce.

There was complimentary bread and a big container of filtered water.

After eating that delicious plate of food I saw a few sandwiches in the display case.  "Ah, for the trip home," I thought.  Then I thought about just a little taste.  I cut it half to share so I wouldn't be the only feeling like I overate and before you knew it, it was gone.  A perfect ciabbata, toothy and yeasty, lettuce holding the thing together with a crunch, a mayo type coating and the bbq came together in a perfect union of flavor and texture.

The proverbial question, "Why can't I buy a sandwich like this everywhere?"

My dish came to .98 pounds.  Not a bad price for a full plate of food.

There should be a 3rd word ... "delicious."

Masao should allow cell phone use here to call your friends to come and eat!

It's so nice to know that 20 minutes away from one of my more common destinations is this little perfect place to eat.  And for those who refuse to have a meal without animals, there are 3 other places within a stone's throw that I'm sure can serve you cruelty on a plate.  Bravo Masao on your 11 years here.

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Kerin Horrigan said...

Loved your review of one of MY favorite places to eat! Masao is a wonderful person and cook....thank you for reviewing his place!!! Namaste!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marty, Thank you very much for your nice review about Masao's Kitchen and for the beautiful pictures. I really appreciated your review. See you soon, Masao.

Lilylin said...

Nothing like this up here in Maine, Love Masao and his exceptional food. So satisfying for body and soul. Love the buffet style set up so you can customize exactly your portion and what you like.

Marty said...

Hi Kerin, thank you very much!

Hi Masao, I wish I could eat there more often.


Since Little Lads closed in NYC you have him all to yourself in Portland.
Where in Maine are you?