Sunday, August 28, 2011

Angels and Kings Vegan Drinks

After walking over from a meeting I had near Penn Station I and my sweaty self arrived early at Angels and Kings bar at 500 East 11th Street for the Vegan Drinks meetup.  The focus of the evening was to help raise money for Asian Moon Bears through the Animals Asia organization.  If you would like to donate here's their link (Animals Asia).  This organization has two sanctuaries, one in Vietnam and the other in China.  They have a few spearheads, the most prominent being saving the Moon Bears used to harvest their bile for an ingredient in ancient Eastern medicine.

I went to meet a few new people, shake a few hands, and have a beer or two.  I did all three and also scoffed down an order of vegan chicken wings.  No pic but they had a nice crunchy coating and meaty texture.  Good vegan bar food. Ketchup on top.  Can't be beat.

If you get here early this is what you'll find.

There are two things of note, three if you count my beer.  One is a vegan menu standing up and the other, sitting on the bar, is a list of all of the vegan beer and wines available.  Glad I didn't have to pull up Barnivore every time I wanted a drink!

A little bit later the place started to fill up.
At about 8:30 there was an opportunity for anyone who signed up to take 30 seconds and shout out their cause.  Next time I'll write them down.

It's not extensive, it's not complex, it's just vegan bar food.  I ask you, is that so tough?
So it was an interesting way to spend a couple of hours, meeting people, talking about veganism, vegetarianism and those who were just curious about the whole thing.  I was lucky to have had a day off when the event was scheduled and not have to worry about getting home, changed, and into work in 2 hours.


Jenn said...

I haven't been for awhile. They didn't have food before, that's a bonus!

Marty said...

HI Jenn, Yes, alcohol is always better when munchies are served. How nice to not even have to ask if it's vegan!