Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andy's Pure Food, Rye, NY defines SuperSizedSalad Bar

I had only an hour to make it from our hotel to this place in Rye, get back to the hotel and pick up the carnivore and bolt to the airport. It was a time well worth spending as although Andy's doesn't look like much, I do believe I might make it a stop anytime I travel route 95.

If you're not looking for it you could drive right by.  If there wasn't a car pulling out of a parking space right in front I probably wouldn't have seen it first time around.
If ever there was a need for better signage ...
I was absolutely blown away by the bright color of the foods and the vast, yes vast selection.
Since this was a take out venture and I didn't eat until I got into the plane there were no item by item pics but the food was fresh, amazingly varied and everything had clean flavors.  The complexity of your meal depends not on the individual dish but the combination you end up with on your plate.  The elephant beans had a fantastic tomato sauce, the chard almost like a caesar like dressing, the portobello was meaty and the onions not overpowering.  The lentil cakes shifted the "green-ness" to almost a starchy creamy cakey bite.

Looking down the display from the side.  There are like, a billion items.  Vast.
It's a bright and cheery place which contrasts to the dark exterior facade.  The staff is friendly and helpful and seem to really enjoy being there.  I did.

My lunch clockwise from the orange butternut squash, portobello with onions, broccoli rabe, stuffed eggplant, lentil cakes, swiss chard and I think there was some quinoa tucked under the chard and elephant beans.  Talk about eating a rainbow!

I don't know if it's the kind of place you would take the family out to but Andy's definitely knows how to combine healthy, raw, cooked and flavorful on a unique cafeteria style venue.  I can only hope my travels afford the opportunity to eat here again.  Good job.

Oh, and of course there is an extensive smoothie and juice menu.  I got the carrots, kale and ginger and sucked it all down before I got back to the hotel.  The wall is also full of juicing cleanses and meal plans so if you don't have to catch a flight I suggest spending more than a few minutes gazing at the walls.

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JL goes Vegan said...

You were in my 'hood! Just a few miles away. I love Andy's. I use them for juice cleanses and of course for their delicious "fast food." Glad you enjoyed it!