Friday, June 17, 2011

For Whatever Reason Meatless Mondays is Gaining a Foothold

NY Times Meatless Mondays in Aspen

I've never really cared why someone when vegan or even if it was temporary.  I'm not saying a life of veganism isn't better for all concerned but it's better that my flying partner opts for a vegan meal then a double bacon cheeseburger.  I can keep working on him and oh, by the way, the double bacon cheeseburger seems to be a thing of the past so my constant, to use a Yiddish word, "mitchering" (translated as nagging but only in a way a Yiddish word could mean it), might actually be paying off.

So "mitchering" has started to move a grain of sand under one person's run aground dietary and lifestyle ship.  And now we have Aspen, CO buying into the program with about 20 restaurants signed up.  I think that's great.  No, they didn't say veganism is the new trend, (well, some people might have), but that veganism is a new way to make money.

I don't care.  The more options a carnivore has the more likely they are to think of vegan food as expansive and not limiting.  I truly believe that to be one of the barriers to more vegan meals being eaten and more vegans being created.  Yes, it's for the animals, yes it's for the environment and yes it's for health but a future vegan must must must have that door cracked open by someone to put the question of fine dining sans animals, well, on the table.  And for many, that is the first step on the path.

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ckwebgrrl said...

I completely agree. The fact of the matter is that people are lazy. And while I've found being vegan at home incredibly easy to do, eating out can still be a pain. It cannot look appealing to my friends when many times my only option when we eat out is the salad (with no cheese). The accessible yummy vegan options are, the easier the transition will look to those who are veg-curious. And any "accidentally vegan" meals ingested by carnivores are baby steps too!