Monday, July 11, 2011

When Dad comes home

This is a pretty easy and quick post.  My 11 year old daughter obviously misses her dad and the other day when I walked in there were about 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes waiting for me.  Not just any kind of chocolate cupcakes mind you but VEGAN BEER chocolate cupcakes.  When I was in college I had a lot of help putting on those "college 15" (or was it 20?) from beer MILKSHAKES.  Yes, I know how it sounds but they were wonderous.  These reminded me of that favorite drink of long ago but these of course were made with a touch of love as a secret ingredient.

The next day she was heading off to camp and wanted to do something special for me.  I was to pick out a few recipes and shop for the ingredients and she would do the baking.  And she did.  Everything from working with the stand mixer and food processor to baking, cutting the top off and putting the frosting on.  I did help her cut the tip off of a plastic bag to make the piping bag but she did everything.  Here are the pics and result.  The cake was rich and moist.  She said she picked up a bit of the avocado taste in the frosting but I couldn't tell at all.


Frivolity.  Notice the typical NY City cluttered apartment.

Not bad at all for a first cake decorating attempt!

The honor of the first slice goes to ... the chef of course!

Dog apparently is not interested in cake.

Minty and chocolaty.  Needs no words.


Hannah said...

You photos are great, and the cake came out wonderfully! I'm telling you, your daughter has the makings of a great vegan chef/baker... ;)

Marty said...

I'm going to force her to read your comment Hannah.

Thanks, I think she's pretty remarkable but that's only her dad's opinion.