Saturday, July 23, 2011

The All American Burger from, "The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet" by Joni Marie Newman, on Rudi's 7 Grain with flax.

Sautéed in canola oil spray in a non-stick fry pan each side coated with Spike, Adobe, pepper and garlic powder, lightly salted.  While first side cooked, seasoned second side.  Then after I flipped it, covered with Daiya and after 2 minutes water added, pan covered and Daiya steam melted. Bread lightly toasted and topped with spinach/mixed greens.

Fresh sweet corn boiled for 2 minutes and lightly covered with Earth Balance and lightly salted.


Tim Welter said...

Looks delicious. I have that cookbook. How did it taste?

Marty said...

Hi Tim,
It tasted like a plain burger. It's actually what it says on the recipe page too.

I think there is a predominant mushroom flavor but I rely heavily, as I used to do with regular burgers back when, on the seasonings I put on top before the patty hits the heat. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Mrs. Dash, Spike, whatever your seasoning/spice du jour is.

I'm still looking for a burger that has a more burger-y consistency. This burger is still a bit too soft for what I'm looking for ... which is to replicate the hamburger of old.

The tvp adds a bit of a bite to the patty but it's not holding together quite like I want it to.

Let me know how you make out or if you've tried any of the other recipes.