Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zen Palate UWS, NYC

A quick date night at Zen Palate on 105th St and Broadway.  I was so sad when they closed their Broadway and 75th St location, (I think that 's where it was, right next to a popcorn store actually), but here it is back on the UWS.  Having only an hour to eat before picking up our daughter, (including getting there and finding a parking spot),I figured either we'd totally blow it or have to stuff our faces like two people who hadn't eaten in weeks.

My favorite dish on the whole menu was the Autumn Roll, a crunchy outside with a wonderful soft inside.  There is a degree of mushiness but there are still textured pieces of veggies.

Served with a sweeter rather than spicier dipping sauce.

Our next appetizer was the grilled seitan.  There is a nice crust on the pieces with will give you pause as to whether they were actually fried.  The hoisin sauce is the perfect compliment to the smoky flavor.
I think they should just serve this in one big hunk of seitan wrapped around something the size of a Lincoln Long.
The sizzling medallions are seitan served in an orange sauce.  It's a sweet dish and the sauce is a bit gloppy but that's not a bad thing in my mind for certain dishes.  This being one of them.  The seitan is chewy and although a few pieces might have almost been too chewy I'd love if my seitan came out like this.  One thing you should know is that if you're shy this dish makes a lot of noise and attracts a lot of attention.

As you can see in the video the decor is a bit spartan and although I'm no interior designer, (or exterior actually), the concept of a big glass wall and a "garden" room is kinda neat.  I think just like cleaning the bathrooms though, you should send someone out to remove plastic bags from the fence and perhaps cover up all those old kitchen shelves with ... something ... if you're trying to create a zen like nature-ish scene.  I actually hadn't noticed this, it was someone else's comment.

This is pretty much why I'm thinking of asking for donations.

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