Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Case For Fake Meat (Omnivores, We're Looking At You!)

I totally agree with Kathy. Not everyone we meet is going to just flip the switch and go vegan overnight but many will make the changes gradually and and an awful lot of those people will, just like Harpo people, keep on truckin' down a healthier, more environmen­tally sound, and compassion­ate road.

Had the meat industry not been overcome by greed in the last several decades perhaps cheap, nutritiona­lly void, environmen­tally detrimenta­l meat would never have become the issue it is today. But they did and it is and things need to change. And they are.

I applaud Bittman for bringing this issue to light but hope one day he makes that last connection to veganism. I don't think he will but he's still putting the thought in many many minds.


Marty's Flying Vegan Review


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