Friday, December 31, 2010

Vegan in Penn Station

I did a search for "Vegan in Penn Station" and nothing came up.  I wandered around looking for something to eat, not starving but not wanting to get that way.

Central Market looks like just another deli place with meaty wraps and sandwiches.  Keep walking and you'll see the soup bar.
Walking past all the pizza and other assorted junk offerings I was nicely surprised to see Central Market offering 2 soups that, although were advertised as vegetarian, were in fact vegan according to the ingredient list.

I had a cup of the lentil and it was thick and rich and far from some if the watery offerings I've been subjected to. This was a nice combination of purée and whole lentils with a veggie flavor from the onions and carrots. Nice to know about.

I actually mentioned to the person serving the soup behind the counter how nice it was that they offered vegan choices. She then asked me if I'd like some grated cheese on the side. Always buyer beware and wary.

Sorry I didn't take a picture of the soup as this is more of an FYI after thought post.


Anonymous said...

Marty - not *precisely* in Penn Station, but the Loving Hut folks (same chain as in California) has a small restaurant just a few blocks south on 7th avenue between 29th and 30th -

If you go out the NJ Transit door at 7th and 31st, it's a quick walk.

Thanks for all your reviews!

JL goes Vegan said...

Good to know. I'm at Penn Station quite a bit. Agree with "jeckman" Loving Hut is close and tasty!

Marty said...

Hi Guys,
I was looking for a place that I didn't have to detour from the subway to the LIRR. I think about 6 or 8 options come up *near* Penn but nothing actually *in* Penn.

I've eaten at a few Loving Huts and they're pretty good for what they are but no real options in Penn for a quick grab and go.

Glad you're enjoying the blog!

Happy New Year to all my viewers.