Thursday, August 5, 2010

Govinda's to Go Vegetarian, Philadelphia, PA

I wonder what the sim instructor is going to fail next.
The instructor's console and chair and the cockpit entrance.
I am here in Wilmington, DE in my semi-annual training and after 4 days in the simulator, ("the box"), playing with engine failures, fires, hydraulic malfunctions and all the other assorted nonsense we train to deal with in the unlikely event something might happen in the real world, it was time for a mini roadtrip.

I had read about Govinda's Chicken Philly Cheese Steak on one of the vegan blogs, ( I do wish I could remember which one), and set out for some home cooked comfort food.  Enough eating Amy's food.  It's great but it's still frozen and in a box.

Govinda's Gourmet to Go, South and Broad

I fight traffic for about half an hour and arrive, buy my parking ticket at the kiosk and head into the restaurant.  Not the one you see on the corner but the one next door to it.  Just plain old Govinda's.  And the door is locked.  Someone inside saw my face and took pity on me but told me they were closed for a few hours for cleaning.  I couldn't believe it but then when I mentioned the Chicken Cheesesteak a kind hearted friendly gentleman lead me to the corner.  It's more like a coffee shop atmosphere, a small luncheonette with a seating area dining room off to one side of the entrance.

My friend in the white shirt, (not a Met's fan btw).  You can see the tables on the right are window seats, the counter on the left is up against the steam table and you can watch your meal being cooked on the flattop.  The dining room is just through that opening to the right of the door, left of the tea fridge.

OK, so the restaurant is closed.  On to the sampling of the heros, submarine sandwiches, hoagies or whatever they're called in Philly.  I order one Chicken and one Pepper Steak.  Uh Oh, out of the pepper steak.  Undaunted I order the fried scallops.  Uh Oh, guess what else they're out of.  So I got the shrimp.

Now I think it's a great thing if a place is so good they sell out of stuff but not so good if there is a supply problem and can't get the stuff.  I don't know which one it was but there was a little disappointment there.

But not for long, because, well, I was hungry and my food arrived.  Yay!!!

Philly Chicken Cheese Steak . Soy Chicken and Rainbow Peppers grilled in olive oil and hing with cheese (vegan or cow cheese, your choice) $7.95  Not such a great picture.  The bread wanted to keep closing on the contents!

A wonderful crusty whole wheat italian style bread, (so was the sesame bread), and copious amounts of moist, flavorful, chunks of soy chicken with soy vegan cheese, sauteed peppers, (only green), and veganaise.  Now I probably could have left off the veganaise, saved 100 calories and had just as delicious a sandwich.

Kofta Ball Sub. Homemade vegan meatballs with marinara sauce and cheese $7.95
This could have used some extra meat but the flavor had a touch of coriander and a few other spices that worked very nicely and had just a hint of heat.  I thought the marinara was a touch acidic but worked well with the cheese.
No fried scallops shrimp instead
Fried Shrimp, Scallops, or Chicken Fingers
4 Pieces..................$5.00
The shrimp were succulent and moist with a delicate crust that added the crunch.  Dipped in the seafood cocktail sauce it was like my time on the shore in years past.  I have had similar shrimp from May Wah on Hester St in NYC, the vegetarian mock meat supply house but don't remember them having that sweet undertone.

Now of course all the meats mentioned here were vegan substitutes.

So sadly this is almost half a review as the stuff I wanted to sample I couldn't .  I want Subway to merge with these guys and offer their vegan options.  I don't think I'd go out of my way, (as in driving a total of 90 minutes plus), to get a sandwich, (but it was good!) but if I knew the restaurant was open I definitely will make the trip again.

If you live in Philly I can see why you wouldn't stop by to get a sub or two a time or three a week.

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Anonymous said...

Stuff like that drives insane, open earlier or stay later to clean, don't adjust hours except for emergencies because you just never know when someone is coming out of town just to try your food and it's very common for vegan/vegetarian places to have someone do just that, drop in without the time to wait for it to re-open.

But enough of my complaint:) Good to see you were able to try what you wanted and like the site! If you have not and are ever in philly again, try Sweet Freedom...oh also if you're into sweets:) It's about a few doors (if that) down from Govinda's and is vegan, gluten and wheat free. Love it all except the cupcakes hopefully there has been enough complaints concerning those that they're now better.

Also the dessert at Govinda's is wonderful as well.