Saturday, August 14, 2010


Now Disneyland is a pilgrimage we make each time we go to California for our week of family time.  It appeases the child's need for play and removing oneself from the actual hardships of life for two days actually appeases, were it not for the omnipresent lines, the adult too.

So, vegan at Disney.  Yes, can be done because there is always a banana or pineapple on a stick or carrots at a stand here or there.  There is corn on the cob, (with butter or chipotle lime), but I didn't ask if the chipotle lime was vegan as I didn't want it.

I was told the pretzels were vegan too and the Bengal Grill had a skewer of roasted (or was it grilled) veggies.  You can't get more meatless then a few veggies on a stick now can you?

Squash, pepper, potatoe, onion, mushroom, tomato, and a zucchini.

The best meal for a vegan at Disney I think is by far the gumbo.  It's not the best gumbo in the world but it does have a unique and unexpected appearance in the park of middle americans, land of the turkey leg and cotton candy.  It actually tasted good.  Like a gumbo, celery predominates with a touch of cayenne.  I looked forward to it as it's something you usually can't even get in a Cajun restaurant.

The sourdough bread bowl makes the perfect combination of makeshift slurper and crouton dunking spoon since the oyster crackers served with the dish are most definitely not vegan.
Another post described it as vomit looking but I believe that is a French word for gumbo.

The new exhibit called Glow Works in California adventure has a decidedly adult spin to it evidenced if nothing else but for the serving of alcohol.  It was a great beer.  Sometimes it's not the beer particularly but the having of the beer that makes it great.  Any beer will do because the time for A beer is upon us.  This beer went nicely because on the way in I got a pita with falafel (stuffed with fries no less) and held the Tzadiki and Feta.  I just assumed at that point it was vegan but I might have been too tired to ask ... or just was happy coming close at that point of the day.

The falafel was more like one big rectangular shaped piece then several little fried balls.
There was nice flavor with a cumin kick as should be and other seasonings but of all place I got it at a Greek "Taco" truck selling greek doughnuts.

Disney.  So fascinating in so many ways.  Truly a vegan treasure hunt.

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