Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Being a Mostly Vegan

I want to differentiate someone who eats a plant based diet from someone who is a vegan. More power to those who shift their diets. A vegan is someone who refuses to participate in the oppression of another being, IMHO of course.

I ate a plant based diet and called myself a "vegan" but still ate fish. Now I realize the confusion that title caused. Vegan is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a belief system which includes a 100% plant based diet but much, much more.

After researching how to eat a more healthy vegetarian diet I found out about chemicals, CAFOs and cruelty.

When my daughter begged me to make swordfish I found myself saying, "The government recommends that we only have swordfish twice a year," and, "Because it has mercury and it's bad for your brain because it's a heavy metal poison." (Would you eat something because you like it if someone said it contained strychnine? Don’t have too much!). I really started to question why we ate things that were toxic and realized eating seafood just wasn't that important to me.

Animals are sentient beings. We don’t have the right to use anyone, human or non, for our own pleasure or entertainment, whether that's to pleasure our palate or watch an elephant at the circus.

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything as Coleen Patrick-Goudreau says.


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