Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Palomino Bar, quiet, peaceful and great vegan bar food in Milwaukee

I've been to The Palomino Bar a few times and it is one of my favorite places to go to while on the road.  It's only a few minutes, (like maybe 7), from where we park at MKE airport.  It's in a quiet residential neighborhood a block from the water.  It's got a environment that just cries out for a beer during the summer months but of course we were on duty so couldn't.

The Palomino Bar should actually be called The Palomino Restaurant.  I think it would be packed.  

I went with another carnivore pilot, (who I found out later had cut his animal consumption in half due to training for a tri and who also tasted my food.  His comment was that the seitan consistency took a bit of getting used to which makes sense as it's not anything he's eaten before.  Overall his impression was of a place he'd go back to and he didn't order the vegan food ... this to all of you who regularly dine in "mixed" company.)

I will tell you that you must love fried food if you're going to eat here.  This is not haute-cusine but wonderful, caloric, tasty comfort bar food.

Buffalo sauce is spot on.  Vegan ranch has a nice mild flavor.  The onion rings, holy shnikees Batman, I could strap a bucket of those around my neck and never come up for air.  I mean, how often do you FIND ANYTHING that is fried and dipped in an eggless vegan batter???  And these onion (straws really) had the perfect crunch and salt and slathered in ketchup ... dear god if we gave these to everyone the human race would have no time to procreate.

I did find the Faux Jus just a bit on the dry-ish side but man when I put the vegan mushroom gravy on it it just sang a different song.  Not that the bread was dry or the seitan was dry but it's like eating a sandwich that needs a sip of soda after to make its mouth-feel right.  When I added the gravy, the "jus," it just popped.  So my suggestion is to serve it with the gravy.

Oh you wanted food pics?  Start with a picture of a swan cloud.  How can your day be bad if you see this?  (Well, hint ... don't fly through it!)

I didn't say you couldn't get closer to it though.

OK, here's the food.  And did I mention that the fries are perfect.  They are cooked perfectly soft and yet have a meaty hearty consistency that really works nicely with the bits of skin you chew on when you put a few in your mouth at the same time.  You know what I mean?  And and and there are also bits of really crispy fries.  (The way my mom loved.)

The wings come with both seitan and tofu.  It's one of the better ways to eat tofu imho but for my calories I'd go with a whole plate of the seitan.  I don't know if they sell it but I just am not a big huge fan of tofu to begin with.

Tofu wings and Seitan wings, onion rings in back.

Faux Jus is served on a small hero roll.  Mac and Cheese poking out of the background.

The vegan mac and cheese is pretty good.  I got it as a side and don't think I'd want to eat it as a whole meal although it is available.  I love the consistency of it and to me, the decadence of eating white pasta is sort of a secret pleasure, and with a dash of salt was a perfect side to the samich.

Last but not least I ended up in Dupage, IL.  In the Target I happen upon a few freezer cases of Vegetarian, (boo), and Vegan (YaY), options.  Way to go Target.

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