Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quorn's New Vegan Burgers ... where's the beef ... or what?

Alright, it's a bit out of sequence but in Tampa today I picked up a few things from Whole Foods and while shopping for my Amy's products I found this:

So like, WHOA!!!  All the rage right?  So like, I pick up a box, there are 4 in the box by the way, and can't wait for dinner tonight.  They are a bit small sitting atop Arnolds Deli Multi Grain Sandwich thins, (seems to be vegan), under some Daiya cheese, (seems to be vegan), under a handful of organic mixed greens, (I'd think vegan too, no?), and I'm delighted at the smoky burger-y taste.  Since I was old enough to read, or eat cereal, whichever came first, or becoming a vegan, (now I'm not really sure which came first if I throw that in the mix), I have picked up the habit of reading boxes and ingredient lists.  And and and I come across this on the Quorn Vegan Burgers box:

Now I am not a nutritionist by license or course of study but I have read more than a shelf load of books about nutrition and diet and agriculture and the food supply and I can't for the life of me figure out what PLANT BASED INGREDIENT CHOLESTEROL CAN COME FROM.  (caps off).

So I'm going to write to Quorn but for now my eyebrow is up.  (Not a unibrow, just one of them in a skeptical sort of look).  If anyone knows the answer to this conundrum, please chime right in.


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