Friday, May 18, 2012

PureFit Nutrition Bars: Review, Discount and Giveaway

As a charter pilot I'm on the road 150-200 nights a year.  Sometimes I start my day at 3 or 4 AM and some days I end at that time.  The point is there is very little I can count on in terms of regular meals at regular times.  Even on a normal day what do you do if you find yourself at 37,000 feet over Des Moines and your stomach starts to growl?  It's not like you can just swoop into the next rest stop.  (How many rest stops have vegan options, anyway?)

But I do carry a parachute.  Bet you didn't know that.  Actually I carry a few and they're my food parachutes.  One of these is PureFit Bars.

They're high protein, (which isn't not ALL that important to me as I don't think lack of protein is really a big issue for me), vegan, (the most important issue with anything I eat), gluten and wheat free, (good to know if you're Celiac or gluten intolerant), and Kosher.  While we're on that theme, ALL of the PureFit bars use the above descriptors.  No label reading if you want to try a different flavor, no grabbing a different bar and getting home and seeing an ingredient in small print you missed at the store, no eggs, milk or honey in any of the bars.

At just over 200 calories per bar I don't feel as though I need to skip a meal to make up for an indulgence and the hunger pangs go away without the resulting sugar crash.  Speaking of sugar, the bars are sweet without being cloyingly so.  Consistency is like a nut paste with chunks, more like a Halavah than a butter and they all have distinctly different flavors.

The Peanut Butter Crunch is your basic in your face peanut butter.

The Granola has a maple-y flavor although maple syrup isn't listed as an ingredient.

The Almond is reminiscent of the intense almond flavor of the cookie I used to get in Chinatown.

I'm still on the fence about the Chocolate Brownie.  Although I like it, to me it's an alternative flavor, not my go to source for my chocolate fix.

My absolute favorite is the Berry Almond.  What is not to love about this combination where you get a nice balance of both flavors in every bite?

PureFit is offering a 25%, (holy shnikes Batman), discount on any purchases of PureFit from their website  Just enter the code MARTYVEG when you check out.

Now for the good news.  I finally realized that if I can fly airplanes I can get over my fear of doing a blog giveaway.  I had all this stuff written out and was about to take the leap but then found Rafflecopter in use on another blog and if it can be this easy, well, rock on.

Oh, I just want to let you know that PureFit sent me 5 bars to review and that's ok. Normally I pay for everything I review but then again, I wasn't about to open 5 of anything at once so it all comes out in the wash.  Just saying.

I enjoy these bars as you can plainly see from my at home stash:

So here it is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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