Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Palenque Columbian Food truck with vegan options

For the past six years or so I have volunteered to be a on the medical team at the NYC Marathon.  I love it.  Its my way of giving back to the community.  This year the orientation was at NYU.

One of among 1500 volunteers.

49,000 runners.  "Can I take care of that blister, Sir?"

and right outside the building is a food truck.  

photo by Nicole G.
I usually don't give food trucks a second glance but I see this:

"Vegan"?  Whoaaa.
Now I do a double-take.  Not only the vegan word but a vegan section of a menu!  I start asking questions and yes, they know not to put butter or cheese if I asked for something vegan.  I'm ok with that.  I order a Vegan brown rice and flax arepa with Seitan.  I added onions and tomatoes, ($2 extra) and 3 sauces; guacamole, vegan chipotle mayo, and cilantro).

How can anyone say vegan food is boring.  Just look at these colors!
This was an incredibly flavorful dish.  It was standard commercial seitan, a bit on the rubbery/chewey as opposed to fluffy side but not in any sort of off putting way.  It had a nice meaty savory flavor.  The combination of salt and flavors, spices, cilantro and creaminess of the guacamole sauce came together for a multidimensional flavor. The tomatoes had a cooling offset texture and temperature.

See that fork and knife on the plate?  Well, I was eating this on some steps in front of the building and it was a bit cumbersome.  I also had no idea if eating it like a taco was the way to go. The arapa itself wasn't pliable enough to fold.  I thought it would break and then I'd end up with a mess o' food on my lap.  So maybe like a slice of pizza?  No, best to cut it and eat it bite by bite.

This is definitely a fast food surprise.

They tweet @palenquefood and I'm going to follow them just to see where they frequent.  Unfortunately the web address links to one of the owners of the truck, Angela "nena" Sierra and has nothing about the truck.

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