Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating vegan on the road, a few more days

Doing anything in a plane is imaginably better than doing anything not in a plane.  That's the romantic bend anyway.  Eating food that's a bit drippy is much much better consumed over a table where the table covering can be tossed in the trash or washing machine.  Here are some pics of the raw wrap from SFO.  The collard was an excellent wrap and didn't tear like a tortilla would have, (after a day or so).  The wrap was crunchy and delicious with a sweet undertone. It was a bit drippy though.

Veggie Grill near LAX
We had about 2 hours in LAX and wonders of wonders, miracles of miracle, there popped up on Happy Cow a Veggie Grill only minutes from LAX.  We borrowed a crew car and off we went.
There was a constant line almost to the door.  After we ordered a whole busload of people showed up.  There
seems to be no lack of patrons seeking a vegan meal.

Our meal consisted of the Mac N Cheese:

A more saucy Mac as compared to the Native Foods.  More chedder-y also.

The Burger:

Here are shots of two burgers.  They are so gooey and flavorful, beefy or chickeny protein or just portobello, that no meat eater in their right mind, (there's an oxymoron), would have anything negative to say about these.  They scream "comfort foods" and lack only the pain and cholesterol of regular burgers.

And the wings:

I've finally just come to the conclusion that that there are just no fake meat products called Buffalo or Hot or any other kind of wings that I wouldn't eat and love.  These are perfect in mouthfeel and hot sauce to fat ratio to make the "Buffalo" heat.  The ranch is nice and cooling and when you're done eating, you can go into rodent mode and finish off the celery.  Well, that's what I do anyway.

A shot taken of my buddy in the right seat.  Actually a shot of him reflected in the sun visor.

Sometimes I wish I paid more attention in Earth Science so I knew what caused these fascinating formations.

Late in the room I had some Ramen noodles, a banana, and a pure fit bar for dessert.

The next day, Wed, 3/14, I had an Amy's Tofu Scramble in the plane.  We ended up in Teterboro so had a chance to run over to Veggie Heaven, a Vegan Chinese restaurant in Teaneck NJ for a nice lunch.

Assorted fried and steamed appetizers.
 Below are two pics of the "bowls" we had for lunch.  Neither one of us could finish them.  They are filled with mock meats and below you can see the almost too real red of the pork.

I eat at Veggie Heaven fairly regularly and it's always nice when a meat eater chows down because the food is so enjoyable.

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